Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Kyndle Ray Burger By Roughnecks

     I'll admit, when I first heard about this burger, I thought it sounded awful. There is a great place to go if you ever find yourself in Rio Vista. This small town has one heck of a restaurant/bar that is fun for the whole family. Roughnecks looks like a tiny biker bar when you pass it on the street, but go inside and you'll be surprised at the space. Covering the walls are great decorations, pictures, animal skulls, and stuffed animals. They have a great collection of license plates and are offering rewards for certain states. When you think "country" this is what you think, all the way down to the old hard wood floors.
     I had been pestering Pa to take us there to eat for quite a while and he kept putting it off. It becomes an ordeal to take four kids out to eat, but it is a bigger ordeal to feed them. So finally he agreed after we had taken a pig to the butcher and it was late and we were exhausted. The boys freaked out at the decorations - they loved it and couldn't stop yelling and pointing. Luckily this was the kind of place that appreciates that kind of attention. Kylie was the one who ordered the Kyndle Ray burger and I made fun of it all night. Pa took a bite and announced we had to try and make this at home. He's such a traitor. But this time it was a good thing.
     Here's what you'll need to make your Kyndle Ray:

bacon, fried the way you like it
hamburger patty, grilled to suit your taste
fried egg (yep, you read it right)
Cheese - I liked cheddar better than American
Hamburger bun - you can use the recipe from last time or just do store bought if you want

     The first thing I did was get out a package of our bacon. We sell it in one pound packages and can make a bundle package for you if you want to include other cuts of pork or beef.
This is not in any way like the bacon you get at the store. This is thick cut and has amazing flavor. This should be on your bucket list. Fry the bacon to the crunchy level you like.

 Once you get all your bacon ready, put it to the side. Now you need to fry your egg. I use a small nonstick skillet that I bought just for making egg sandwiches. If you don't have something small like this then you can use a tuna can with both ends cut off and put it on your skillet then put the egg inside. The sides of the can will hold your egg together in the perfect shape. I use a little bit of the bacon grease in the skillet along with some salt and pepper when I fry each scrambled egg to give it the ultimate flavor.
For this meal I made monogrammed rolls. To do this, make your buns like I showed ya last time, but don't use all the dough. Depending on what you want to put on top (and keep it simple) you want to reserve one or two buns. Make your bun plain and then take some dough and roll out a thin rope. Shape the rope into the letter you prefer. I did each person's initials so they wouldn't fight over who got which bun. Brush on egg white over the bun and then place your letter. If you want the rope to touch as in making the letter "R" and you need it to stick in the middle to make the letter you must pinch the rope together. (Hope this made sense, if it doesn't let me know.) For letters with sharp edges, like a "z", pinch those edges. Sorry, I forgot to get pictures of this step.
This is how it will look after it is cooked. So now we assemble the burger! Open your bun and on the bottom half put down your burger, some cheese, the egg, some cheese (the cheese helps hold it all together), the bacon, and then the top bun. As strange as it might sound, and as much as I hated admitting it to Kylie, it tastes wonderful!

Here's "A" for Alicia. Yumm...

Yes, I know in the picture I stacked mine backwards. And after much research, we have discovered the best taste comes from the order given in the instructions. But you don't have to take my word for it, try it yourself!

Buns, bacon, and beef from this recipe are sold here on the farm. Monogrammed buns are a different recipe from the one I gave ya last time. Contact me to visit us and/or place orders. Eggs are normally for sale as well but my chickens are on strike right now and we are in negotiations. I am working towards selling our cheddar and will keep ya posted on when it will be available.

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