Sale Barn

We have some free range heritage turkeys for sale. We have raised them from day old hatchlings. Prices vary based on size of turkey. We welcome visitors to come and pick theirs out.

We are taking orders for grass fed steers. Three are left to be available next year. We grow them, you eat them. No hormones, no antibiotics, just pure beef. Our cows are happy and roam free (they even walk down the street when they get bored). We can deliver them to the butcher for you. Don't think you can fit a whole cow in your freezer? Buddy up with another family or two and split the cost of the cow and the butcher. If you've never had your meat from the farm, you don't know what you are missing. And you should definately find out.

Pigs are ready! Our pigs are raised on milk, whey, fruit, and veggies. Period. No hormones or medicines they don't need. And no bags of show feed designed to make them fat. Our pigs are lean and friendly. Come to the farm to pick yours out and feed them by hand. They love to have their sides rubbed too! These guys are perfect for barbecues or you can reserve yours and we will grow them to the size you want. Right now they are around 85 pounds. Perfect for a pit.