The Animals

Some of our cows
This is our sweet Boer goat DeDe with her newborn twin girls.
We have a litter of nine piglets. This was taken the day they were born.
The big pig is called Big Boy, the daddy to the piglets above.
We raised Big Boy from a month old piglet.
 The little pig is Jake.
This was Kylie's Christmas present last year. This is Queen Cleopatra.
Cleo is a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat and really lives up to her name.
This is Brindle, our milk cow.
Brindle's close up.
Kylie milking Brindle. Pa made her trough and head hold.
We use old metal buckets turned over for seats. She is giving us just over three gallons a day.

The teenage turkeys found their way to the barn and the feed Brindle dropped.